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Time Space Energy Management Limited Liability Company

We all have to manage our time, space and energy. We all must secure our body and minds. . . our physical and intellectual properties and structures.

In America, now, there are only three intellectual structures . . . 1.) a foundation, 2.) a limited liability company and 3.) an incorporation.

TSE Management LLC is a limited liability company. Specifically, we're a Delaware multi-member series LLC providing performing artists management services and securing all literary copyright works for our artists. Our works and services are rendered exclusively for Fine Arts Education Reform, FAER Foundation, Inc., performing artists that serve and produce audio/visual works, performing and visual artworks, and sound recordings.

Our Story

TSE Management LLC began while producing our first performing artist work series "Johnny Arco" in Bushwick, NYC with GRBK Music Group.

Our managing member received knowledge and information, freely, from a vice president at Berklee College of Music about a new online course on edx.org called Intro to the Music Business.

At that time, we worked extensively in Downtown Los Angeles and established ourselves by managing the production of Season XIV and XV of the television series "American Idol", and works distributed on the British Broadcasting Company and USA Today, among many others.

Our team planted seeds on good soil in Atlanta, GA, Washington D.C., Dallas, TX and in our homes of Los Angeles and New York City in addition to the other major media markets in the United States of America. As such, we are now blessed with deep roots, friends, and family in the necessary services industries throughout our nation.

Meet the Team

No man is an island! No one but no one can do it alone! It's not what you know it's whom you know!

Juan Pablo Chavez

Managing Member

Chavez is an entrepreneur and musician. His goal is to reform education in America so that all artist shall sustain their lives solely from the art they produce. juanpchavez.com

M. B. Riley


Bio coming soon...

Timothy Barrett


Bio coming soon...

Next Steps...

Set up your intellectual structure, register your intellectual property and let it matter, materialize into the physical structure and property around you. Call (323) 591-4TSE today!